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Nail Grinding

We use a scissor style clipper to trim the nail back as close to the quick as possible.  Because the groomer is trying to get as close to the quick as possible in order to train it to move back toward the toe there is always a risk that the quick can be pinched in the process of trimming the nail.

To grind a dog’s nails we use a diamond tipped Dremel to file the nail down as short and smooth as possible.  The standard nail trim often leaves behind sharp edges which will naturally be filed down as the dog walks, but the grinding process eliminates that step.  Also, because we are gradually filing the outer sleeve of the nail rather than trying to cut it right in front of the quick, we are able to get much closer to the quick without injuring it.


 We use cotton balls and ear cleaning solution. Unlike in humans,  the ear canal is L shaped, so there is little chance of damaging the eardrum. It is very important to keep your dog's ears clean. Some dogs are more prone to ear infections than others.  Golden Retrievers and Labs who love to swim often have chronic ear problems.  Dogs with floppy ears or narrow openings have trouble getting airflow creating the perfect environment for yeast & bacteria to grow.


We use a soft toothbrush and dog specific mint toothpaste to gently brush the teeth and freshen the breath. In order to prevent plaque buildup you must regularly brush your pet’s teeth at home. This service will not scale tartar off the teeth. You may need to seek veterinary care for a more extensive plan of action.


  We will remove hair from the corners of the eyes and also round and shorten the “visor” above the face. We will do a limited amount of trimming on the rest of the face. This service is primarily to clear hair away from the eyes in between grooms. For a thorough, more extensive face trim please schedule a full grooming service.

Foot & Pad

Paw & Pad Trim

We use clippers to shave away the hair on the bottom of the feet and between the pads. This will allow your pet to have better traction on slippery floors and also cuts down on dirt and debris being tracked into your home. We then round and trim the hair on the top of the feet eliminating that “Grinch” look.

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