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   For several years, I had been dreaming of opening a dog grooming salon in Rochester, NY.  Anxious to leave the stressful corporate world where clients were treated as just a number, I was determined to make dog grooming a calm experience for the dogs, their owners, and my employees.  It was my goal to create an atmosphere where we could personalize each experience with our Clients.    Through the love and support of amazing clients, friends, and family, we have been growing Bark Avenue Dog ever since!



Kelly Witkowicz

Kelly has been perfecting her dog grooming skills since 2007. Starting with an academy in the Rochester area, she continues to attend trade shows for ongoing education. Since founding Bark Ave in 2010, she has focused on making each dog grooming experience as quick and comfortable for the dog as possible. Her specialty is grooming older dogs who require a gentle touch. Kelly's compassion for senior dogs led her to adopt a number of them, and she has developed an intimate understanding of their needs.

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