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   For several years, we had been dreaming of opening a dog grooming salon in Rochester, NY.  Anxious to leave the stressful corporate world where clients were treated as just a number, we were determined to make dog grooming a calm experience for the dogs, their owners, and our employees.  It was our goal to create an atmosphere where we could personalize each experience with our furry friends and their owners.  Our dreams culminated with the opening of Bark Avenue Dog in June 2010.  Through the love and support of our amazing clients, friends and family, we have been growing ever since!



Kelly Witkowicz

Kelly is the co-founder of Bark Avenue Dog.  She has been honing her skills since 2007.  She began by studying at an academy in the Rochester area and attends as many trade shows as possible for continuing education.  Since founding Bark Ave in June of 2010, Kelly has perfected her ability to make each dogs' grooming experience as quick and painless as possible.  She specializes in grooming older dogs who require a gentle hand.  She herself has adopted a number of senior citizens and has an intimate understanding of their needs.  



Jeanette Bourcy

Jeanette is the co-founder of Bark Avenue Dog and has been grooming since 2007.  After receiving her bachelor's degree in biology from Suny Brockport, she decided to pursue her passion for animals by studying dog grooming at an academy in Rochester.  Now, she enjoys taking what she has learned from her degree and applying it to grooming.  She has perfected the round features of the Shih Tuz and the athleticism of the Golden Retriever.    When not attending to her business, she spends time with her two children, husband and 3 fur babies.


Salon Manager/Groomer

Kelly Garris

Kelly has always loved animals of all shapes and sizes.  After 5 years at a pet retailer learning about and caring for all types of animals, she decided to pursue grooming.  She completed her training through a local acadamy and has been grooming since 2012.  She has been with Bark Avenue since 2014.    Kelly has a knack for interpreting instructions and providing great finalized grooms.  Her calm and caring demeanor allows her to complete some of our more difficult dogs.  When not grooming, Kelly spends time at home with her family and their array of 4 legged friends.


Front Office Manager/Groomer

Jackie Deming

Jackie is a groomer, licensed veterinary technician, first-aid certified and has been with Bark Avenue Dog since 2014.  She began as a bather and receptionist while training under Jeanette and Kelly, and now takes on clients of all shapes and sizes.  When Jackie has time off from caring for her 10 babies (2 dogs, 1 cat, 3 chickens, 1 crested gecko, 1 red eyed tree frog and 2 human boys), she designs keepsake resin jewelry.  



Jess Schafer

As a child, Jess always wanted to work with animals.  As a teenager and young adult, she worked in wildlife rescue, dog therapy and doggy daycare.  In 2018 she joined the Bark Ave team as a bather and quickly worked her way up to groomer as a natural talent.  She enjoys working with large breed dogs, but her favorite breed to groom is the Pomeranian.  In her spare time she enjoys fitness, art, photography and spending time in the outdoors with her greyhound.   She also shares her home with 2 cats and a bearded dragon.



Chelsea Stonefield

Chelsea has wanted to work with animals as long as she can remember, and in 2016 started a small pet sitting operation.  She enjoyed it so much that she wanted to expand into different areas.  When she saw that there was an opportunity to work in the grooming industry, she jumped on it!  She has made herself an invaluable addition to Bark Avenue as a bather.  She will continue to receive on the job training and education as she continues to operate her dog walking/pet sitting business, which suits her highly active and outdoorsy lifestyle perfectly!

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