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Trims & Full Haircuts

Tailoring Your Pet's Grooming Experience

Every groom is unique, and the grooming process duration and haircut options depend on several factors. Our tailored plan of action for your pet's grooming experience is based on how long it has been since their last groom, whether you prefer a shave down or longer coat, your pet's tolerance level, and their age. Whether your pet is a happy-go-lucky participant or a challenging one, our team will prioritize their health and safety while striving to meet your expectations. Whether your pet is a mature gentleman who needs extra attention or a new puppy, we will provide the best possible grooming experience.

The Bath and Brush package is the initial step for all trims and haircuts.

It's important to give your furry friend a good bath and brush before any haircut or trim. Not only does it help to remove any dirt or debris from their coat, but it also helps to detangle their fur and remove any loose hair. This will make the trimming process much easier and more comfortable for your pet. Plus, a nice bath and brush will leave your pet feeling clean and refreshed, and their coat looking shiny and healthy. 

We will try to do our very best to meet your expectations while putting the health and safety of your dogs and our groomers first and foremost!  On rare occasions,  we will be required to send your dog home before completing the grooming. If we feel that it is unsafe to continue grooming for either your pet or the groomer, we will ask you to pick up your dog.  At this point, we will talk to you about the specific situation and go from there.

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