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Paw & Pad Trim

We use clippers to shave away the hair on the bottom of the feet and between the pads. This will allow your pet to have better traction on slippery floors and will also cut down on dirt and debris being tracked into your home. This can be especially important during the summer months when dogs may be prone to slipping on hot pavement or older dogs on a laminate floor. We then round and trim the hair on the top of the feet eliminating that “Grinch” look. The Paw & Pad Trim pairs well with a Walk-In Pawidure and Nail Filing!

 It's important to have a professional groomer handle this task, as it can be tricky and potentially harmful if not done correctly. By keeping your pet's feet clean and well-groomed, you can help them stay comfortable and healthy, while also reducing the amount of dirt and debris that they bring into your home.

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