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Bath & Brush Package

Experience the Best Bath and Brush Service for Your Furry Friend.   At Bark Avenue Dog, we know that keeping your dog clean and healthy is essential. That's why we have designed the Bath and Brush Package, which is a relaxing and enjoyable spa experience for your pet. Our professional and skilled groomers start by trimming your pet's nails to a safe and comfortable length. Next, we clean your pet's ears to remove any build-up of dirt or wax. Then, we carefully evaluate your dog's coat type, coat condition, and any skin concerns you may have. Based on our assessment, we select the perfect shampoos and conditioners that will help in the grooming process. During the bath, we use hose nozzles that push back the hair, enabling us to see directly into the skin to discover any underlying skin issues. We uncover everything from dry skin to sores, hotspots, fleas, ticks, wounds, lumps, and parasites. Our specialty shampoos and conditioners can help remedy some of these problems. After the bath, we give your dog a gentle blowout to dry their coat, ensuring their comfort and avoiding any unnecessary stress. We then finish with a thorough brush out to remove any loose fur or light mats, leaving your dog's coat shiny, healthy, and smelling amazing. Enhance your experience with our additional services, such as nail filing or a refreshing blueberry facial. Our Bath and Brush Package is perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes, and it includes a nail trim, ear cleaning, bath, blowout, and thorough brush out. Book an appointment today and treat your furry friend to the pampering they deserve!

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