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Nail Filing / Grinding

Do you hear tap shoe sounds coming from your dog's nails or notice scratches on your skin after playtime?  Then it's time to trim those nails. Overgrown nails can cause joint pain and discomfort for dogs, leading to limping and changes in their anatomy. To ensure your furry friend's health and comfort, it's important to check their nails regularly. 


 A standard nail trim often leaves behind sharp edges which will naturally be filed down as the dog walks, but the filing/grinding process eliminates that step.  Also, because we are gradually filing the outer sleeve of the nail rather than trying to cut it right in front of the quick, we can get much closer to the quick without injuring it.

We Use High-Quality Dog Nail Grinders. Dog nail grinders are designed to be ultra-quiet, minimizing vibration and lessening the chance of scaring your dog. There is greater control, eliminating the risk of cutting the quick. This leaves a smooth finish on all nails!

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